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Rest and Recover

In the world were busyness is seeing as being successful I see that I am so exhausted most of the time after working that I cannot even enjoy my life my family my weekends because I am so tired.

Where has the time gone where you have a specific amount of time allocated for work and then you are not reachable instead we are reachable 24/7 clients bosses everybody tries to get an answer right away without delay.

Which is not OK it is not OK to have to answer a message within an hour it is not OK to not be able to take vacation time it is not OK to not be able to take a mental health day it is not OK to have to push through even though you are so freaking tired your body is going to break down at some point and resting and recovering and listening to your body has to be the most important thing on your mind. Your health, is your biggest wealth hands-down.

We have seen it in the last year how important it is to be balanced, fed and well relaxed. Taking the day to feel rejuvenated. So I'm here to give you permission to take the day off when you need to or desired to because you are the most important and everything else can wait.

Peace and Love


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