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Under Pressure

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

As I am trying to breathe again and trying to get my tasks done for the day and between laundry and cooking and pick ups and drop offs...I am trying to keep healing body in pain...what was that no pain no gain? Really oh my god when will that stop? When will we take of the pressure that this world has put on us...Stress the #1 cause of disease "DIS-EASE" not at ease! When will it stop? Ever? You wake up and run and run and run... when will it stop? When will you actually do what you really desire to do? Do you even know? Yes or No? Are you going to be good at what you do? Will your nagging critic let you do it or will you let it talk you out of it? Will you? Will you? Will you???

I have written the name of my book and it's chapters down in a word document a year ago and still yet have not been able to fill in each chapter. All I have to do is just type down all of my notes and the knowledge is in my head already...but have i found the time and space for it yet? Writers block is real. Besides that I still think I am not good enough to write a book because I still keep thinking that I am not a good writer nor that I am good enough. Yes the "imposter syndrome"!

At least I am starting to write in my blog. That is a step into the right direction. Baby steps. Right.

Sent out an email. Uploaded my meditations to another platform. Applied. Filled out paperwork.

Baby steps. Step by step. I will get there. And so will YOU.

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