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Too much

As I am sitting here pondering about my life yet know like we always do, and overthinking in our head we always do, and I am wondering if I want too much? Like why is it so hard to be able to live in a safe secure place and be happy and eat whatever I desire and order dessert and not think about having to pay bills for once and everything in my mind just comes trembling down. You know how many times I have heard in my life that I am too much...too loud...even my child gets quieted down for singing and being happy. Like what the actual hell is going on here? We are not machines just here to be quiet and to work and to pay for a place that was gifted to us in the first place. With food that grows for free on soil that was gifted to us. This planet was gifted to us. Why do we have to pay enormous unaffordable prices to live here? Why are we not allowed to be ourselves? I am so sad really. I have lost everything in my life and was homeless before. I am still here. I am still breathing. People have taken advantage of me and stolen from me and I am still here. I have built myself up several times but this world right now is just too expensive. We are paying too much, the price is too high, we are giving up ourselves to become dead silent machines...I am so sad really. When is it too much? I am ordering dessert for breakfast!

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