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What Rituals do you have?

There are many rituals available to you.

Morning and evening can differ or be the same.

Having a ritual can give you a sense of purpose.

Something to look forward to everyday.

Some available options are:

- Prayers

- Meditation

- Gratitude lists

- Shower and Bath rituals

- Listening to a podcast

- Singing and chanting

- Dancing

It is important to focus your routine on a positive aspect.

Because where your attention goes your energy travels to as well.

You will attract more of what you think about.

Make sure you try not to focus on the news and/or TV. Those external sometimes lead you astray and you could feel ungrounded or worse jealousy, fear or anger.

Focus on yourself.

Try to ground yourself.

Go outside and even take a couple of breaths.

Remember "what you resist persists".

Life happens and you can choose your reaction to it and take charge of it.

If you need more assistance I have great sound baths in my chakra course.

Check out my website offerings for more info or book a private 1-1 session and we can create a daily ritual for you together.

Be happy for no reason.

Peace and Love


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