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Do you see your vulnerability as a strength or a weakness?

How many times have you thought about sharing your emotions, your fears, your anger etc. but then you didn't because you didn't want to seem weak or clingy or whatever your brain stated at that moment.

Did you ever think about this... maybe more people are actually feeling the same way as you and by you sharing your experiences they will know that they are not alone.

I know for a fact that I have brought light to others by sharing my experience and being vulnerable.

I know that by me sharing my thoughts and my fears I am able to help others.

We are all in this together you know. I sit at home and cry too.

Sometimes life just gets too much and no matter how much I play my healing bowls or chant or breath, it just is what I feel at that moment and that is ok.

We are allowed to feel down and angry and sad and whatever you are feeling.

Point is, feel it and then when you are ready to move on, then move on.

I don't like growing pain but I know that on the other side is a much bigger gift for me.

I truly hate feeling the pain and I kick and scream but then I dance with the pain and I make love to it.

The sun always comes out after the rain and the seeds will sprout after the pain!

Peace and Love


P.S. I am in $%^&ing pain right NOW!

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