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Outer Body Experience

Do you travel into other worlds? Do you wake up and you feel like you just came back from another space, realm or country? Do you know that it is possible to meet others and travel together and have an outer body experience together?

You know all you have to do is set an intention and you can go wherever you desire to go. You do have to practice and as you practice it gets easier and you can focus your intention easier. You will be able to receive messages and face your fears. You will be able to visit places and spaces that are so magical and beyond this planet. I know it sounds coocoo for some but your inner beings knows that it is possible.

During this time in this world especially I really recommend that you give it a try.

You are not stuck at home and in your body. There is a whole universe to explore.

If you need guidance let me know.

I am here...most of the time ; ) but I am also traveling a lot of times and creating adventures and making love...

Peace and Love


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