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Do you still only put one tea bag in your cup?

Do you still listen to societies standard and keep drinking tea that tastes watered down? How many times did you just follow because that is what everyone is doing? Right?!?

Like really?


The tea doesn’t taste good with one tea bag to me.

I really don’t even want to know how many other things we do because that is what everyone else is doing right? And we didn’t even try anything else because we didn’t even think to think about it yet alone change our mind about it.

It the instruction on the box right?

Ask yourself this question?

What am I doing that doesn’t taste good, feel good and how can I change it to be good for ME?


Nobody else but me.

I could go on deeper into the relationship/friendship patterns and why we stay in discomfort for so long as well, but that is for another day.

Until then I put 2 tea bags in my cup and enjoy the taste of MY TEA.

“It’s not everyone’s cup of tea!”


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